Real Estate Services

We are the independent representative between you,  the client, and the real estate industry.  We use our experience and knowledge to develop coherent advice that joins up all the various aspects of managing real estate, from acquisition and disposal, due diligence, project direction, relocation management, property rationalisation and facilities management.

Reps help you engage and build teams for your project with experienced and talented people in the real estate industry, hand-picking the best in class for your specific project requirements.  However, we do not sell buildings, leases or furniture or carry out construction.  Nor do we conduct negotiations on commercial terms for leases.

north_bank_sheffield_bdp170807davidbarbourReal Estate Strategic Advice

Reps provides real estate strategic advice to your company. Helping the organisation establish the drivers for change is key in the decision-making process; be it lease expiry, growth, the desire for a more suitable location or that the building has deteriorated. The start point must be about identifying what the company’s objectives are, the impression it wants to make with its premises and what it expects the new space to deliver for its employees and its clients.

Specific services include assessing the search criteria, establishing the right location, selecting agents, working with your real estate agents to optimise negotiations with current and future landlords.   Reps assesses the organisation’s specific requirements
to ensure that the solution is appropriate in terms of size, cost and flexibility ensuring the
best economic use of the premises.

0630  planProperty Rationalisation

Reps helps companies rationalise their office space after significant re-sizing activity. Post-takeover , Merger and Acquisition or Redundancy Programmes often require organisations to analyse their property portfolio. Typically, their office space is no longer suitable, is inefficient and they may well hold redundant legacy properties. In addition, staff will need to be moved into one or other location.

Reps analyses these properties, develops a plan for the better use of the estate as a whole and manages the relocation of staff and equipment. Other services in the Reps portfolio can be utilised as required, including change management to help staff adapt to new ways of working, mitigating the operational risk and ensuring Business as Usual.

facilities-repair-570x300Facilities Management

Reps advises companies on their Facilities Management strategy. From setting up the organisation’s capability to recruiting appropriate personnel, training or working alongside an existing team, Reps can help make this crucial function work better for your organisation. Reps can also procure the appropriate goods and services using a tender process to ensure the most competitive prices.

Jerry Williams, Reps Ltd
“Fundamentally, be it a hedge fund or a hairdresser, all offices should seek to be productive work environments."